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L'individualisme et la force ne suffisent pas

L’utopie de la méritocratie – Crédit photo : Defence Images via Flickr.com

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The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross is awarded to all ranks of the RN, RM, Army, and RAF in recognition of acts of conspicuous gallantry during active operations against the enemy.

The General Service Medal with Northern Ireland Clasp is awarded for 30 days accumulated service in Northern Ireland from 14 August 1969 onwards.

The Iraq Medal was awarded for 30 days continuous service on Op Telic in specified qualifying areas of the Middle East between specified dates during the build up to and the conflict in 2003. The medal is now awarded for 30 days continuous service on Op Telic in Iraq. Air crew are awarded the Medal for 10 sorties into Iraq.

The Afghanistan Medal. Complex criteria govern the award of this medal, with varying lengths of service required depending on the operation and location.

To qualify for award of the Medal with Clasp, personnel must have served in Afghanistan for either 5, 21 or 30 days continuous service between various dates depending on the operation, between 11 September 2001 ñ 1 August 2002 for Ops Jacana and Bandog, or to a date to be decided for Ops Veritas, Fingal and Landman.

Service of varying lengths depending on the operation on Ops Landman, Veritas, Oracle, Ramson or Damien in other Middle East countries during certain specific dates will qualify for the OSM for Afghanistan without clasp.

Photographer: Harland Quarrington

Image 45153191.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

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